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image Expert in computer sales, manufacturing, repair, upgrades, software installation and testing.  In the Electronic Industry since 1972 providing a variety of services to the Department of the Navy and Department of Defense in aircraft support, systems support and technical training.

From 1989 to 1996 operated as Computer Consulting and Training here in Jacksonville Florida providing Web Site/Network Administration, PC hardware, Software support and training to the general public while at the same time providing technical support and being in an "on call" status for the U.S. Navy in regard to their avionic systems support through ATE (Computerized Automatic Test Equipment) for multiple aircraft platforms.

In 1996, Computer Consulting and Training was retired due to the hectic schedule required by the Government in regard to their systems support requirements. (Can we spell mistake?)

We're back! Since 1999 we've been providing PC repair and system upgrades as well as custom built Computers for home and small business users using name brand components and software.  Combined with a variety of web hosting services and domain registration, our diversity has allowed us to grow consistently over the years.  We're also a family operation. Small computer companies come and go.  When shopping for a custom machine, by all means shop around, but, see us last.

We're here to stay......