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Hang Up and Drive Jacksonville!
Justanet's 2008-11 Free T-Shirt Save a Life Project


Have you ever driven down the road only to be cut off by someone that damn near runs you off the road?    Have you been driving down the road only to watch some inconsiderate idiot pull out in front of you with their one hand on the wheel and the other holding their cell phone to their ear?  They looked right at you and pulled out anyway.  Why?  Because they aren't paying attention even though their head was a spinning around on their shoulders like a scene from Poltergeist.  Have you ever pulled up behind someone waiting for them to turn when traffic clears and when it does, they just sit there?  You blow your horn to wake them up and you see they have been yacking on their cell phone and haven't a clue why you were blowing your horn at them.  But as they squeak through the traffic break making their turn, with cell phone still attached to their head, you must sit and wait another 5 minutes for a break in traffic so you can turn.

It may seem a bit trivial to complain about people that should know better, but I am sorry to say, as a motorcycle rider, I have had so many close calls (actually hit twice now) because of people preoccupied with their cell phones it's a very scary situation on our roads.  It's bad enough we have the traffic congestion we do here in Jacksonville (80,000 vehicles pass JustaNet everyday), but to compound the problem with people that may as well have their heads in a bag while driving, it's just damned frightening.  And to do so with children in the car, what are they thinking??????

I make it a point not to answer my cell phone while I am driving, there's nothing that can't wait.  My daughter, gave me a ride home in her car one day, answers her cell phone.  Woah!!  STOP the car.  Let me out or hang up and drive.  I am so committed to this, I'll not talk to you if I find out you're driving when I call you.  I'll simply say, call me back when you reach your destination or have pulled over.  I don't wish to be responsible for getting anyone hurt or possibly killed.  Yes, possibly killed. 

My daughter recently had a wake up call when a woman digging thru her purse and talking on the cell phone at the same time, while driving, rear ended my daughters car at a red light.  She saw it coming in the rearview mirror.  BANG!!.  And went without her car for 4 weeks.  The woman admitted she was on the phone..... and she had three kids in the car!

Well.....  If you're a BIKER, drive your bike to our shop, I'll give you a Hang Up and Drive T-shirt Free.  No strings, except you should wear it when riding occasionally or when you're out in public.  

Call me in advance at 904-221-3634 to make sure I have your size available.  I don't print a lot in advance, but can whip them out pretty quickly.  Send me your shirt slogan suggestions.

Let your voice be heard, seen, and worn.  Hang Up and Drive Folks.  Here's a statistic, that should get your attention.  It would seem there is a larger silent war going on right here at home which is totally preventable.

Traffic jams and death

Cell phone distraction causes 2,600 deaths and 330,000 injuries in the United States every year, according to the journal's publisher, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.

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